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Ampèrestraat 11 J
1446 TP Purmerend
The Netherlands


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About us

JMF-Filters B.V. your partner in liquid filtration! JMF-Filters B.V. is a company with more than 20 years of experience within the sales of filtration products and the associated applications. We deliver high-quality products and we have build a large network with good relationships. Our clients and customers value our reliabilty, technical knowledge, good servicer and competitive prices. Because of our competitive prices with fabricants and suppliers and our efficient storage we can deliver almost any filter directly.




The aim of JMF-Filters B.V. is to be a committed and stable supplier who can be there for her clients on the long term. JMF-Filters B.V. can be distinguishes by her good service, reliabilty, competitive prices, short delivery and ability to think along with the client.




JMF-Filters B.V. wants to stay on the long term a stable and committed supplier for her customers

Safety, Health, Environment and Welfare

Safety and health of our employees are paramount. We act within our company with awareness for social and durable entrepreneurship.


Quality and Professionality

JMF-Filters B.V. wants to be a professional organisation with a thorough quality awareness for her clients and customers.

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